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Hello my name is Paul that's what I was christened anyway ; as a DJ I go by the name of: The Lovers Doctor. Okay so the question is: how long have I been a DJ, or had a profound love of music?

The answer some would say is a lifetime!, however I have been a DJ for the past 30 years, and prior to starting out as a DJ, I was a musician in a local band with school friends; as a bass player I had a deep interest in playing music and also sound engineering, which is a very important part of the service that I can provide.

So if you were to book me to provide entertainment, I suppose you'd like to know what my type of music is. The honest answer is I love literally everything! I love playing music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s right up to 2016.


I believe in going that extra mile to make your night, or your day, or your event a success. This includes research in that very special track that you require for your special event. If you Love, Love, Love music, then please do not hesitate to select me as your DJ

I'll see you soon!

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